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I’m in the entire process of scraping what I phone “cottage cheese” from our ceilings. It seriously does appear like compact-curd cottage cheese. One area at any given time, and it will probably just take a while since I’m carrying out it myself, and the house is 3000 SF with vaulted ceilings. It absolutely was built in 2004, so it had been a shock to find out that this method was continue to done in new building After i moved to GA. I realized there was a dust issue Using these ceilings, but until finally I begun portray several yrs ago and obtained right up shut, I had no clue the amount of dust, cobwebs, and pet hair that was trapped during the ceilings. The cobwebs really are a suffering to remove–They may be fairly visible–and parts from the foamy cheese fall on me Once i try out to brush or wipe them.

My level here is this…we liked the rustic functions of the residence (some partitions even have paneling or tongue and groove walls) and know we want to do SOME updates, but Generally we plan to depart a whole lot “as is”. I may surf the web for Suggestions, but in the long run, we bought this dwelling to are now living in and since we appreciated it…not to tear it aside. The den ceiling might or might not get painted for now, nevertheless the popcorn is in this article to remain!

I found this, by googling “what’s wrong with popcorn ceilings?” I reside in a 1970’s tract residence, with popcorn ceilings. I am able to’t begin to see the intent in removing them. Ours have possibly about a few coats of paint on them, so are sealed permanently! I happen to be in other properties in the region exactly where they've got removed the popcorn.

So long as They may be coated with paint, therefore you don’t disturb and breath the dust, You aren't subjected to anything harmful.

I like popcorn ceilings whenever they included These wonderful sparklies. I feel they might be ideal for a kid’s or sport room. Nowadays everyone walks in lock-move, open up principle (that I love), Wooden flooring (what a miscalculation which is, you have to dust Individuals day to day and for anyone of you that work–superior luck!

We have now experienced our popcorn ceilings painted previously as well as ceilings do not fall bits any more. The feel absorbed a great deal of paint in the process. Why do all the messy elimination once the ceilings are beautifully good!?

1975 popcorn ceiling got drinking water injury from swamp cooler and began falling down at a single property I lived in . The popcorn examined good for asbestos of course. Suppose any popcorn ceiling has asbestos until eventually tested otherwise the same as you presume all nineteen seventies or previously paint is lead.

Scraping all day long can be doable though fitting drywall, mudding and seam taping could be much less captivating.

Additionally, it allows within the elimination in the popcorn coating when needed as it safeguards the drywall with the h2o soaking that is needed for the removal approach.

Run painter's tape about 1 / 4 inch below the ceiling, masking the partitions, all of the way round the place. Roll out polyethylene on the floor and tape the seams jointly. Operate the polyethylene up the partitions about eighteen inches and tape it in place.

In the end it truly is your choice, I have acoustic ceilings in my home and can Reside with them until eventually I want to offer it, that may be Until its back in fashion by then!

Paint. Ultimately, The obvious way to deal with a popcorn ceiling may perhaps only be to learn to live with it. Consider it: How Lots of people do you know who Stay with popcorn ceilings?

I don’t like properties that audio like an echo chamber. It can make the discussion significantly less pleasant. We don’t want carpets and drapes, so we're setting up a ceiling texture coat to improve the acoustics.

But, I also feel that you are able to bet your booties that popcorn ceilings are going to be again into model in the future…just as shag carpet is making a recovery and avocado environmentally friendly is creeping back again into decorating Journals. Retro…shabby stylish…these styles are all about “what was previous is new again”. Popcorn are going to be again someday…then I’ll be “in” all over again.
    15.10.17   16:14

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